Summer Reading List


My semester first year of university is almost over. No; it’s already over, really. I will turn in a paper that is almost finished, write my take-home exam for my poli sci professor, email it to him by May 10, and… And that’s it.

I must be doing college right now, for all I feel today as it all ends (for the semester, anyway, and the academic year) is sadness. And believe me, that is a first. I’m supposed to feel like this.

I don’t.

Today in the car, in the hot sun, driving out of the commuter lot, I realized that I really need to get an advanced degree. Shit, probably two. And now that I have changed majors to something that I actually do with pleasure and ease, I could actually do it. I do dearly love to learn. When I am not doing it, I feel restless and incomplete. As I have said before, I am never happy when the game of learning is not afoot.

OK, OK, READING LIST. The semester is over, and I have three things I want to do. Eat right and cook again, spend a lot more time having fun with with friends and family than I have been, and READ. (Reading, LOL, may make up for not being in school… I hope so.) Oh God, I am so sad I will not be learning formally this summer. I just don’t have the $$$ for summer classes on top of all the other things I need to pay for, and taking the summer off to build up my writing business and be with the people I love seemed like such a good idea, until it happened.

Eh, of course it’s a good idea. I’m just missing my familiar knowledge fix already… At the end of the day, the way that I connect to the world is through through amassing and interpreting knowledge. And when I cannot do that, I am sad.

But of course I can do it, because informal education is also education. I will feed my hunger for knowledge with books.

Here’s my summer reading list:

Another Day of Life (recommended by Henry Rollins at a show he did here in Asheville)

Get Back in the Box

Deep Economy (First a friend told me about it and I decided to read it, then a client told me to read it, and then my poli sci prof mentioned it. All within about two days. Weird confluence.)

Old Man’s War (been meaning to read this one since it came out; written by my former writing mentor & distant cousin)

Brasyl (LOVE this author. Loved Evolution’s Shore.)

Visionary in Residence (fairly new fiction from one of my writing heroes)

The Tipping Point (shout out to Dr. Manns)

Pacific Edge

In Spite of the Gods (shout out to Subramaniam)

Shaping Things (more from my hero, Chairman Bruce)

Limits to Growth

A Reasonable Life (shout out to Sean)

Earth In the Balance (Subramaniam again)

Portable Childhoods

The Stolen Child (got a review copy from Anchor Books — sweet!)

Stumbling On Happiness (another Anchor review copy!)

First Light

If any of y’all have summer reading lists of your own, won’t you please share? Post in your blog and email me or comment here?

4 responses to “Summer Reading List

  1. Brasyl is on my reading list too (so is River of Gods).

  2. I’m back after a rather grueling trip to New England. I think I may have read one page of any book during the two weeks of my journey. What I want to know is, how do you read so many books? I might be able to read ONE book this summer, hardly the long list you have there.

  3. Pyracantha,

    Since I started college I have hardly read a book every two months. I used to read one book a week. It’s not just college, but that my life and lifestyle and values have changed. Reading just isn’t as meaningful to me as it once was, and I value other activities more.

    There’s no way in hell that I’ll get to ALL these books. But they’re the pool I’ll try to pull from as I try to get some serious reading done this summer. And the two Anchor review books are freebies from the publisher that I will try to read and review somewhere.