The Deep

Via Chet Raymo and Boing Boing, here are some images from a new book of photography called The Deep, “featuring 220 color photographs of deep ocean species, some photographed for the first time.” These creatures live thousands of meters below the surface of the ocean. PW starred review.

Official website here.

More images here.

8 responses to “The Deep

  1. Wow, awesome pictures! My favorite is the one I’ve decided to call aqua-chick (A.K.A. Dumbo Octopus)– it looks like a baby chick… er, fish… :)

    Thanks for the links!

  2. Hey Brian, glad you enjoyed the post! I sent the picture of the anglerfish to my sister and told her that someone had taken a pic of her morning attitude and posted it to the internet…

  3. Seems like H.P. Lovecraft may actually have been right about What Lives Down There….

  4. That is SO what I was thinking when I saw these!

    LOL until I realized that none of these creatures is more than a foot long! They are scary, but wee.

  5. Wow— amazingly different. It remind me of some words from the ocean movie “deep blue – Come on a journey into liquid space” – that more people have been on space travel, than in deep ocean. Which is, more than 5 km (?).

    I wrote a post abour that movie in Danish, dekorated a deep-creep photo from – see this fella.

    Exploring the ocean has a lot in common with exploring space – except from the fact that there is for sure life in deep ocean, while there is only perhaps life on other planets.

  6. (Sorry for all the errors in my comment above with occasional un-English spelling and everything…)

  7. Anne,

    I like your RARE un-English spellings and I just wish I spoke Danish as well as you speak my langauge.

  8. Thank you for the nice words :-)

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