W is for “Withdrew”


Final grades for Spring ’07 came in today:

10608 CHEM 380 001 Chemical Research Methods: W

10147 MGMT 379 001 LSIC: Leading Fearless Change: A

10806 MUSC 111 001 Chorus: A
10435 PHYS 221 001 Physics I: W
10194 POLS 380 001 CL1S: Globalization and Its Critics: A

I can’t remember the last time that I made all A’s!

3 responses to “W is for “Withdrew”

  1. Fabulous! Supercongratulations!

  2. Congratulations with the marks!

    And what a beautyful header image. Can almost smell the atmosphere and sense the moistly air… Beauty full colours. I like the idea with frequent changes of header image… However, I hope this image will be allowed to stay for a little while…

  3. Hey Anne,

    That pic is a pretty one. I like it especially because it was taken here in NC, at a state park. Some wild parts of my state really are that beautiful, with lovely mists and green foliage everywhere. The plant on the right with the pink flowers is a mountain laurel, a beloved plant that grows wild here.

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