Random Eight

This one’s for the Supermom, who tagged me to post 8 random things about myself.

I will try to make them interesting!:

1. When I first saw this Gauguin painting in the Boston Museum of Fine Art, I stopped and gasped like I had been punched in the stomach. That museum was the first museum of fine art I ever saw; the works in it were the first art masterpieces I had ever seen. Van Gogh. El Greco. Before the moment that I saw that Gauguin painting, I had not understood that art could be so powerful, and that if all you have ever seen are tiny reproductions in books, you have never seen art.

2. When I was a teenager, me and my friends listened to some lame current 80s music, but mostly we listened to oldies and classic rock. I grew up on Motown, Marvin Gaye, Gladys Knight, Aretha and CCR.

3. Four qualities that will never fail to endear you to me: extroversion, politeness, a sense of humor, easygoingness.

4. I returned to college because I wanted to become a foreign correspondent or an investigative journalist. Been a bit roundabout since then.

5. Now I think I want to be a documentary screenwriter. I told this to my sister yesterday as we sat on a tractor in a Tennessee pasture, and she said, “I can totally see you doing that!” She then described her vision of me in Tibet at the computer, working on a tight deadline. We laughed. My sister is awesome.

6. In heaven, my four food groups will be coffee, ice cream, Thai food and more Thai food.

7. I am still friends with my favorite teacher from high school, who practically adopted me and taught me a lot of lessons that my parents couldn’t or didn’t. I truly love and respect teachers. I feel like their real job is to pick up slack for society.

8. Tony Blair’s wife is my (distant) cousin. We are both huge nerds.

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