Saturday is International Sidewalk Astronomy Night

The 1st Annual International Sidewalk Astronomy Night is this Saturday, May 19.


Asheville is definitely observing.

The Astronomy Club of Asheville will be set up in front of Pack Place on the brick promenade at 9PM with two big telescopes, looking at Saturn, the Beehive cluster and the waxing crescent moon. As a big and perfectly-timed bonus, there will be a bright iridium satellite flare at 10:36PM over downtown Asheville, right over Beaucatcher Mountain as viewed from Pack Place!

Come on out and enjoy a rare free, local, public chance to check out the heavens through a 10″ Dobson scope.

The May 19th event is weather permitting with Sunday the 20th as the backup night if Saturday is rainy or overcast.

Other participating cities are listed here (the left sidebar has other areas than the U.S.).

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