Int’l Sidewalk Astronomy Night — the report

I wasn’t there (I was at home, wishing I was there, sitting on the sofa knitting a sock and watching Singin’ In the Rain), but the report from the Astronomy Club of Asheville is that last night’s event was…

a resounding success!

There were several big scopes and a TeleVue 5 inch APO refractor. Around 600-1000 Ashevilleans showed up to view the stars, and the iridium flare flared above the mountain right on time, no doubt to oohs and ahs.

The hit of the night was a 3 1/2-year-old girl who started shouting “I SAW THE MOON! I SAW THE MOON!” and “everyone caught her enthusiasm a dozen times over!”


It was such a huge success that the group is thinking of sponsoring another citywide astronomy event in summer, and having several planned events throughout the year.

I went to an astronomy camp as a kid, and what I saw there through telescopes stayed with me the rest of my life. I am delighted that there may be a new regular astronomy event downtown (at the un-astronomical hour of 9PM, which even I can handle).

I’ll post as the new astronomy events are planned.

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