A Rare Moment of Actual Writing Content

Writing jobs are moving offshore? Writing jobs?

According to this Barbara Ehrenreich article, even local news is now being shipped off to reporters in India. Whoa. All that time in Subramaniam’s Globalization and Its Critics class I truly thought myself safe, that my writing skills might not be so easily farmed out overseas, lending me a special job security the rest of the class might not be so lucky as to enjoy.

I should have known I was wrong.

On the face of it, I have no problems with news being reported in this way. I myself have covered events remotely, and did it better, I think, than a lot of local journalists could have done. I guess it’s just time to prepare myself for the future of my chosen profession, which it seems will, as with so many other professions, involve work spreading entropically out over the globe.

Frankly, to me this really just sounds kind of exciting. I mean, I wouldn’t turn up my nose at a sweet job in India, so long as I could take my cats. I remember Subramaniam saying very emphatically that someday there’d be an American migration to India, with people following new jobs there, raising families there, becoming people of multiple cultures. Becoming, I suppose, a multicultural enclave based around India’s growing job market.

Some call it globalization but I call it a fine excuse for an extended working vacation overseas.

And in more writing news, blogs are good, and actually help you develop your writing skills and market yourself. I totally agree.

It occurred to me just the other day that I found my writing voice through this blog. It’s the only place I get to write and really be me at the same time, and it has really affected my style in a rich and positive way. Doing writing that you deeply enjoy is a wonderfully healthy activity for the writer, and there’s a lot of writing that I do that I am not paid for in dollars, but in pure pleasure. I’ve found that my blog also keeps me connected to interesting people, lets me share my opinions with a group of interesting and thoughtful readers, and even, quite pleasantly, keeps me connected to an old friend in Massachusetts. Hell, it’s even given me some good science clips. I can hardly imagine life without this tool anymore.

BTW all of the articles linked in this post are from the Sunoasis journalism jobs blog, which I liked so much I plan to start checking it out daily.

And it occurs to me today that I have three teachers to thank for three big things.

My Women and History professor Randee Goodstadt, for showing me my past — the history of women in America.

My Foundations of Chemistry teacher, Glenn Ratcliff, for showing me the present — the natural world all around me.

And Surain Subramaniam for showing me a piece of the puzzle of my future, what I think might be the last thing I needed to understand to know what kind of writer I truly want to be: The kind that is willing and prepared to move across countries and cultures in search of cool information to serve up to the world.

4 responses to “A Rare Moment of Actual Writing Content

  1. bothwellsblog

    Weirder still, the writer/post-grad fallback jobs are going to India too. McDonald’s is testing a system wherein the person you speak to at the drive-thru is in India.

    I kid you not.

    Imagine having to emigrate to India to get a job at a burger joint!

  2. Hello!

    I stumbled upon ur blog through tag surfing and marvel at your range of topics, contents and cross-pollination of ideas… I am impressed.

    Moreover, I found some strange similarities and connections with content of my blog. A couple of posts on my blog are exactly identical e.g. Logical song by Supertram, Virginia Wolf, my growing up reading Carl Sagan….

    Incidentally we seem to be sharing passions. Hope to pick up and continue threads.

  3. Hey Entropy,

    Thanks for the kind words. Send me your URL so I can check out your blog!

  4. Hi ..

    Thanks for picking the thread.. Pl care to refer to my humble blog and post comments, in case you find worthy of it.. In the meantime I continue to read your’s and marvel


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