International Knit In Public Day


Saturday, June 9 is International Knit In Public Day, AKA Worldwide Knit In Public Day.

For all you non-knitters, “knitting in public” is when knitters take their craft out of their living rooms and local yarn shops and venture out into the wide world in search of food, alcohol, entertainment and admiration. It’s fun to knit in public (“KIP”); people like to watch other people make things, and even I enjoy the slightly exhibitionistic feeling of Doing Something Cool for an Audience.

Every year on International Knit In Public Day, the world knitting community takes their yarn and sticks outside to share and celebrate the art of knitting, and the fun of KIPing, together.

Because I am an inveterate organizer, I am of course trying to think up something fun for Asheville knitters to do on that day. I’m still looking for an outdoor concert on June 9, which I think would be an ideal environment, letting us enjoy not only knitting together but also something summery outside. Or maybe we could just do an afternoon on a cafe patio downtown?

If you’re a knitter, won’t you please comment with some fun ideas you think people would like to do for IKIP Day? And if you’re a LOCAL knitter, won’t you please consider yourself invited to step out on June 9, and also to help me come up with something fun to do and spread the word about it?

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