Variations on a Theme

Last night I watched The Fountain (hated it),

a movie about a dying woman and a man’s search for eternal life.

This morning there was a dead chipmunk in the basement

that later today

I will bury in the yard.

And today I found a new song from the Avetts

called “Die Die Die”

that was somehow

just what I needed.

And do you remember the magic tree?

Six weeks ago,

on the night I got so sick,

we had a windstorm,

a terrible windstorm,

that knocked out power in my neighborhood

and also blew down the magic tree.


Which was,

at the time,

in full spring flower.


That tree amazed me.

It was hollow as a straw

and should have been dead

yet it bore not only leaves but fruit and flowers.

But the wind blew it down

on a cold night in April

and killed it.


I was sad.

But today I see something is happening.

The magic tree is not only not dead,

but two new trees are coming up out of

the hollow of its body.


If there are ever apples

I will let you know.

One response to “Variations on a Theme

  1. Yes, I see what you were talking about today at EF.
    Lets go out back for that rain dance!

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