Our Lady of Home and Yard

Gracious Lady, may my kitchen floor be mopped.
My dirty windows be made clean
especially of bird shit.
My hedges trimmed
made shorter so my arms can reach them
without the step stool.
May my cracked driveway be weedeaten
and then swept clean.
May those old metal shelves by the patio
be given away,
for they are ugly and serve no purpose here.
May my front porch chairs and table be washed
and dried in the sun
and given a fine new coat of shellac.
May the curb in front of my hedges
where the wind sends the neighborhood leaves
to decompose into humus in the road
be swept clean.
And the gutter reattached where the big pine branch
fell and knocked it loose,
and the screen put back
where my cat tore it down,
which I think must be
where the five chipmunks
that got in my house last week
came from.
I am so tired of lugging the weight of my house and yard,
and while I once loved to keep them in order
I am so far behind now
that every weekend I feel guilty if I don’t do it all
in one mad rush.
So I spend my Saturdays
hiding from what I once loved.
Please pass the Stouffer’s frozen pizza.

One response to “Our Lady of Home and Yard

  1. This has been fantastic to uncover but why can’t I sign up for the Feed so I can observe more articles like this later on? Is anyone else having this issue?

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