This 1’s for the Math Nerds

Pyracantha of Electron Blue is cracking me up today…

I commend her for sticking to her studies. Only the bravest souls dare to teach themselves calculus and trig.

If you’ve ever dealt with the pure evil that is trigonomic identities, read this:

Ugh, Trigonometric Identities Again

Of all the mathematics I have yet done on my now seven-year journey, I have been least fond of trigonometry. And the part of trigonometry that I’ve disliked the most has been trigonometric identities. These are those arcane laws or perhaps descriptions of how one trigonometric feature is the same as two others in relationship. Or they describe the relationships between sines and cosines which are added or subtracted. There seems to be no end to them. I remember when I tried to work with them three years ago. The memory numbs the mind. I am sure that somewhere out there are math geeks who just LOVE trigonometric identities. But I’m not sure I want to have any contact with these people.

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