JSFW One-Year Anniversary Today


This blog’s first post was one year ago today.

Some stats:

Total Views: 44,207 (To put this in perspective, a major national blog could probably easily get this many hits in a day. The one famous blogger I sort of know gets about 22,000 hits a day.)

Best Day Ever: 4,418 (because of getting Boing Boing’d; I also got Pandagon’d)

Usual # of visits per day: currently around 180

Number of regular readers: I have absolutely no idea, and don’t really care. I am going for quality, not quantity, man.

Posts: 433

Comments: 504

Blocked spam comments: 6,682


It was one year ago today that I started JSFW not even knowing how to post a photo into a blog entry.

Thanks to all of you for the wonderful knitting books, music CDs, thoughtful and interesting comments and moral support. Thanks for writing interesting blogs that I check every day. Thank you for reading my writing, and thank you for commenting on it. Thank you for valuing what I say and how I say it.

We’ve been through floods, droughts, math, boring winter breaks and other great crises. Kate bought a house. Cal handled it very well, I think, when a river flowed into her house. Erik considered moving, and was nearly driven mad by rain. (Did Cal sympathize?) CCR bought a condo. Wil revealed the secret of why there is only one “L” in his first name. Pyracantha got a free MIDI keyboard. Michelle (who, like me, is a party animal), made salsa and potted her avocado pit.

I wish I knew more about what Anne is doing.

Meanwhile I sat here blogging with the cats, who were briefly five in number and are now four.

I never dreamed how much I would enjoy doing this, and never imagined I’d make new friends from all over just because of having a blog.

Please accept a very warm thank-you from me.

10 responses to “JSFW One-Year Anniversary Today


    It was some TASTY salsa though….lol


    When are you coming by???????

  2. July 14th is your one year blogging, July 12th is 6 months from when I first wandered over here.

    What did I find?
    Gorgeous photos, inspirational and articulate writing, laughter and a damn good friend I’m delighted to have in my life!

    And a daily reminder that sometimes, acting on impulse has far better results than could ever be forseen :-)

  3. Congrats on a great year!

    If I ever get up to Asheville again (pout), let’s have coffee!

  4. Michelle,

    How about next week?


    I have got to get over to wherever it is that you live.


    Coffee and peonies are on me. I have been following your adventures with your new home, and I wish you the best with it. As I think is very clear, I find home ownership a total delight and I pray that you will as well.

    Here’s to new friends.


  5. Happy Blogoversary!

  6. “Cal,

    I have got to get over to wherever it is that you live.”

    You most certainly do have to! It will most likely be chaotic but I can guarantee lots of laughter, books, yarn and good food. Much as I would LOVE to come see your bit of the world, international travel is going to be out of the question for a wee while yet :-)

  7. Well, you certainly have an excuse for staying close to home for awhile. And I am OVERDUE for a semester abroad, or indeed, any state at all of being abroad, something I have done only as a babe in arms, and then only to Canada.

  8. Congratulations, Jennifer!

  9. Hey Ash! Thanks for the kind words. See you tonight (?) at the comedy fest?

    Thanks for the awesome blog and all the great pics.

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