What’s It REALLY Like?


Todd Barry at the Laugh Your Asheville Off comedy festival (I’m paraphrasing):

I do a lot of shows in the South. And I come back to New York City and other comics hear I did a show in Alabama, and they’re like, Whoa, what was that like?

And I’m like… It was a show, with me, and a stage, and an audience… [shrugs] What?

But I can tell they wanna know [dramatic whisper]

what it’s REALLY LIKE.

And I don’t like to disappoint.

So I tell them.

We land at the Birmingham airport. When I get off the plane, the Grand Wizard of the KKK meets me there.

Together we ride bareback on an old mule down a dirt road to the club.

When I get there I can barely do my routine over the shouts of Jewboy go home.

After the the show I ask for cash but they pay me in pork rinds.

2 responses to “What’s It REALLY Like?

  1. How funny you should say such things. We all get (here in the south) so sick of the bull…. that you hear about the SOUTH!!! You can tell when a person has really visited or not by the stupid that comes out of their mouth. Thanks for the laugh. Oh and have you noticed how many people from up north are moving to the south? We had it the best all along, go figure and now they have to poo, poo it up for us.
    God Bless,

  2. Deborah. Why don’t you reread this post, slowly and from the beginning?

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