Shower Me With Perseids

In my back yard there’s a sort of little valley that when you lie in it makes a sort of natural seat, a hard and grassy chair. Tonight I’ll lay out a blanket and bring some snacks and pillows (and mosquito repellent), and sit there in the darkness waiting.

This weekend is the Perseid meteor shower, typically the best and brightest show all year. Prime viewing locations are North America and Western Europe.

More here from NASA.

4 responses to “Shower Me With Perseids

  1. Well? How’d it go? Did you see some falling stars?

    My wife and I plan to sit out for awhile tonight and see if we can’t catch a few…

  2. Wil, the dangblatted sky was clouded over last night.

    I stepped out at 10PM, literally carrying a blanket and pillows and freshly sprayed with repellent, and the sky was almost completely covered in a glowing nighttime haze. The kind where it makes the whole sky turn lighter, because of all the ambient light it seems to absorb.


    It was still a pale and smoothly cloudy sky when I turned in at 1AM. Not a single star in sight.

    I’m trying again tonight, though the clear sky clock is calling for 50% cloud cover.

    Good luck to you and your wife; I hope you catch a few.

  3. OK, I went out last night after midnight, and even though it was hazy and bright and a mosquito dive-bombed my foot, I saw a few! I remember thinking that even if I didn’t see any, it was worth it to just lie on my back and look up at the stars for once. To listen to night noises. It’s been forever since I just looked up at the stars, intent on nothing but really taking in the night sky.

    No fireballs or earthgrazers, but the big event of the night was a long, swift, blue-white meteor that shot half the length of the sky.

  4. Looks like others had problems viewing in the area, and I saw more than some. Here’s a great local pic of a meteor and trail:

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