Standing Astonished

Via Chet Raymo’s wonderful Science Musings Blog:

For thirty-seven years, I have lived part of each year on the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland. Four books have emerged from this landscape — two non-fiction, two fiction — and more essays than I can count. All of them have begun in the landscape itself: the rock, the wet, the flora and fauna, the wind, the stars, the layers upon layers of human habitation. To this topography I have brought my own concerns, most especially this one: Learning to stand astonished in a world without miracles. I have tried to take the best of my religious heritage — Roman Catholicism — and marry it to the skeptical empiricism of my scientific education. “Nothing is too wonderful to be true,” wrote the early 19th-century physicist Michael Faraday. I would turn the phrase on its ear: Nothing is too true to be wonderful.

And speaking of standing astonished, there’s an early-morning total lunar eclipse Tuesday morning with totality at 9:52 UT/5:52 AM EDT.

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