The Best Hummingbird Feeder

I love to feed hummingbirds.

I’ve always been fascinated by them. Once my dear cat Baggie caught one and brought it to me unharmed but stunned as I sat eating a bowl of cereal (that’s what a huntress she was, a catcher of hummingbirds…). I got to touch it and hold it, and even take it outside to the feeder to get a drink. When I did I saw that its slender black beak was not just a straw-like cylinder, but opened just like any bird’s beak. Inside was a swift and slick dark tongue.

But hummingbird feeders are a pain in the ass. They trap and drown wasps, and drip sticky sugar-water all over your porch, attracting ants. The fancy art-glass ones tend to attract no birds, and only drip sugar all over your porch or patio. The ones like upside-down bottles get nasty and mildewy, and have a narrow neck that requires a funnel for the feeder to be filled.

I was in Wild Birds Unlimited not too long ago buying my mom a birthday present when I overheard the clerk telling a customer about their best feeder. It wasn’t gravity-fed, so it didn’t drip. It had a little built-in moat that kept out ants. He demonstrated that since the top lifted right off like a hat lifts off a head, the feeder was easy to fill and clean. No funnel. No cleaning with a bottle-brush. No mildewy yellow plastic flowers.

I bought one for me and one for mom. I am a fan of simple things made well. And this little feeder makes one of my summer pleasures that much easier.

It’s the Droll Yankees Happy 8 hummingbird feeder that looks like a little plastic UFO:


It’s a bit expensive at $30, but it makes me happy. Find a retailer here.

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