College Reporter Needs Mountain State Fair Quotes

Dear Blog Readers,

My latest college newspaper assignment is writing about the upcoming Mountain State Fair held annually in Fletcher at the Ag Center. I need 1 or 2 local people to give me some quotes about past fair experiences, plans to attend this year, anything like that.

Can you answer some questions about the fair in email or send me contact info for someone who’s been to the State Fair before and is willing to email with me about it? I’m just looking for a brief email exchange and a colorful quote or State Fair story.

My deadline is Sunday at midnight, so I really need quotes by the weekend. If you can help, send email or leave a comment!

6 responses to “College Reporter Needs Mountain State Fair Quotes

  1. Hey! I have pictures from last year’s fair, and I’d be willing to talk about my experience of going with my brand new girlfriend last year and canoodling on the rides.

  2. HEY YOU! I keep meaning to tell you that we are blogcompatriots, but now I guess you know. I’ll totally send some questions your way. Also, I am nominating your blog as my pick for Most Likely to Make You Laugh Out Loud. And BTW thanks for not mentioning me flopping around like a walrus on my raft on the lake trip.

    You didn’t quite look like yourself last night. You OK lately?


  3. Just fine, but I felt like I was coming down with sore throat yuck last night. Also, felt introverted, but I needed to go for a bit to see Katie on her B-day. So I wasn’t destined to be the life of the party, but it wasn’t too bad.

  4. Sure, I’ll give you fair quotes. I mean, I can’t think of any offhand, but I can totally make some up. And I have pictures of the fair out the yin-yang – you’re welcome to any and all of them!

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