This blog has been nominated in four categories in the upcoming annual Blog Asheville awards held later this month. Wow!

I was actually a big fan of BlogAsheville before I became a contributor, so I am delighted to be nominated for anything involving that community, much less for four things.

The backstory here is that Asheville, my hometown and still my city, has a large and active blogging community mostly centered around BlogAsheville, a group blog with a lot of contributors. Last year was the very first BlogAsheville awards ceremony, at a party that is and remains officially known as Extravablogiversapaloozathon (see above), probably for its general fabulousness.

Extravablogiversapaloozathon II is later this month. Details are here, in a completely fabulous format via Scrutiny Hooligans and outstanding local blogger Gordon Smith.

Here’s the categories I’m nominated in, and the other nominees:

Best New Blog
She Who Eats
Bothwell’s Blog
Jennifer Saylor

Most Deserving of Wider Recognition
Virtual Inanity
The Charm of the Highway Strip
Scrutiny Hooligans
Undercover Blue
Jennifer Saylor
Listless on Lexington

Best Overall
Hangover Journals
Jennifer Saylor
Scrutiny Hooligans

Blogger I’d Most Like to Have a Beer With
Jason Bugg
Jennifer Saylor
Susan from Easy Bake Coven
Asheville Beer Blog
She Who Eats

(Whoever wants to have a beer with me, just send email. I’ll meet you at the UNCA caf after my poli sci class and we’ll smuggle in some brews in my backpack.)

See a complete list of noms here, and if you live in the Asheville area, make your own nominations here.

Good luck everybody, and see you on the 29th!

PS: If you want to look for me at the party, I have short curly black hair and look like Delta Burke’s shorter, fatter, younger sibling. I do not look anything like you might think someone would look who writes what I do, but there you go.

11 responses to “OH MY LORD

  1. Congrats! I just recently stumbled across your blog, but I’m not surprised in the least that you are getting some recognition – you do good work!

  2. Hi Jennifer:

    Congratulations on your Blog Recognition but…

    how come the poster for that blogger get together has exploitative and demeaning images of women on it, even though many of the bloggers are women?

  3. Ron, thanks for the kind words.

    “You do good work” is my favorite compliment, so double thanks.

    Loved “GroovyGirl” on your blog — it’s refreshing to see a young woman dancing without having to to wear something revealing or play up the sexiness of her moves.

  4. Pyracantha,

    I didn’t make the poster, so I can’t speak for the reasoning behind it. But if you want to know my opninion of it, I think it’s campy, ironic and relatively harmless. Sex and youth sells, and while the youth and sexiness of women are FAR more commodified than that of men, and I do find that a matter of concern, I don’t find the poster offensive.

  5. Now more people will find out what we already know: Jennifer Saylor, Freelance Writer does Good Work. Congratulations, girl, and WOOHOO! I guess I’m not eligible to vote, being a Sandhills type myself, but I urge all of you Ashevillians to vote early and often.

  6. Pyracantha,

    There are also campy exploitative posters featuring impossibly buff men for the big blog party. Not intending to offend. Just having some fun. Here’s one from last year’s party. For the ladies (and some of the fellas):

  7. Oh…it didn’t show up in my comment…

    Here’s the link:

  8. And there you have it straight from Mr. BlogAsheville himself.

  9. I’m not quite feeling the Delta Burke resemblance, and you’re not short, so now I think of Delta Burke as being eight-feet tall and with laser eyes. And that’s awesome.

    I’ll be there too, I look like an older, fatter, balder, greyer, more pockmarked, bigger-eared, hairier Tobey Maguire.

  10. BTW George’s description is EXACTLY what he looks like.

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