Quotes About “The Secret”

My favorite quote about “The Secret“:

“Like mastering the will through self-hypnosis or better negotiating through body language, the ‘power of positive thinking‘ has nearly a century-old track record among car dealers, admen, and others for whom attitude means as much as, if not more than, attributes. It’s from this universe of phantom values and socially constructed truths that The Secret derives its ultimate power.”

– Douglas Rushkoff, from his Discover magazine column, “New Pseudoscience Patina, Same Snake Oil”

My second favorite quote:

The “Secret” is, you’re dumb.

– my friend Annie

2 responses to “Quotes About “The Secret”

  1. I would recommend you check out “Buns and Chou Chou The Secret” on Youtube. So funny, so true. In my opinion.

  2. “Funny you don’t see many Babylonians today…”


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