Vote in the 2007 BlogAsheville Awards

Attention Ashevilleans — the Survey Monkey voting pages for the 2007 BlogAsheville awards are up, including links to check out all the nominees.

Voting closes at 8 p.m. on September 29th.

Gordon Smith of BlogAsheville says:

There are two pages of voting. If I find that people are voting for one page but not the other, I will glare sternly and remind you that your favorite blogs are also nominated on the other page. I used Survey Monkey, and they only allow ten questions per survey. So work with me here people.

BlogAsheville Awards 1-10
BlogAsheville Awards 1-10
BlogAsheville Awards 11-20

Voting Will Close at 8pm on September 29th. The multiple choice responses are randomized, so they’ll appear in a different order for each voter. You can vote only once, so take your time and enjoy it. The answers at the SurveyMonkey pages aren’t hotlinked.

Go here to check out the nominees and vote.

4 responses to “Vote in the 2007 BlogAsheville Awards

  1. My favorite time of the year, no doubt. I do hate to see it start getting dark so early in the day, however; I know the winter blues are right around the corner.

  2. I hate the early darkness, too. But some people see winter as a time of going inward, being creative. When I see it that way — as an inside-the-home, inside-the-head fireside time, I feel better about the darkness and interior-ness.

    And I try to knit and cook and write creatively and use the time appropriately.

  3. Jennifer,

    The link to Awards #1-10 has changed. Evidently, SurveyMonkey allows only 100 responses to any given survey (for free), so I’ve created a replica of the page and posted the new link at BlogAsheville.

  4. Updated.

    Thanks Gordon, you are REALLY on the ball!

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