Weeks Like This

This sums up my week:


(One empty pint of Julie’s Organic Peanut Butter Fudge ice cream)

On top of my usual workload of 12 credit hours, a weekly news article and a part-time job, I had a humanities test to take (and study for) and a survey article to write for my Newswriting class. And it was my week to donate two hours of copy editing to this week’s edition of the Blue Banner.

I can’t think straight or write straight. I’ve reached the point where I’m no longer quite on top of things.

I had trouble following a poli sci lecture yesterday (tired; mentally overwhelmed), was late for my morning class again today and am falling behind with my homework and reading. And I’m falling behind not because I haven’t enough time, but because there’s only a few hours a day lately when I feel sufficiently rested enough to answer hard questions on crunchy, hard-to-digest political science readings.

If I’m too tired and braindead to answer questions, I just pass on the work until my mental wind returns.

But the weekend beckons. I’m hoping to spend Saturday getting my blog on at Blogapalooza (email me if you’re in Asheville and want to come), spend Sunday afternoon at Rowan’s and head downtown Sunday evening for some chimney swift action before the big colony flies home.

Weeks like this I wish I had one magic day I could pull out of nowhere and insert into the week. Just one. One day is all I need to sleep in, read my books with a refreshed mind, answer my questions with a worthy brain, visit the friends I miss and long for, and spend the evening on the sofa with a cat and the new Harry Potter novel.

Fall break can’t come too soon.

I don’t think blogging is or should be a contest. However, blogging, at least in this fair city, sure as HELL should be a party.

The Hangover Journals

One response to “Weeks Like This

  1. Yikes! I thought I had it tough… hang in there; the weekend is just around the proverbial corner!

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