WNC Moves Into Fall

Fall is here, it’s just not well distributed yet.

And the photographers are watching.


Via Ashvegas, a beautiful blue butterfly on a butterfly bush. This is what gardens all over WNC look like right now.


And via Blue Ridge Blog, a Western North Carolina view blighted by drought but still lovely.

I don’t have a camera good enough nor skill enough to capture

the morning view from my office window

which is

a weeping cherry tree with bright, slanted fall light coming at it

that turns the leaves to a bright yellow green that almost glows

while the trunk and branches stay secret and dim.

Dark rough branches and leaves alive with light.

When the wind blows the shadows on the wall dance

and leaves tumble down.

It’s a splendid thing

and it’s right there

every morning like the sun.

5 responses to “WNC Moves Into Fall

  1. Jennifer, I just discovered your blog and wanted to say how much I admire the way you turn a phrase. And now to see you are a poet, too! Your words very readily brought the image of the weeping cherry to my mind. So, you captured the morning view from your office quite nicely, I’d say.

  2. Who needs a camera when you have words like those? I am soooo jealous…

  3. Hey there BRBCG! I discovered you first through Ron Bailey’s blog & bookmarked your site! Where in WNC are you?

    I am not a poet, except in my role as Laura Lynn brand Mary Oliver.

  4. Hey there Jennifer! I’m so pleased to know you visited my site! Hope you’ll come back. Actually, we may be moving to the Asheville area before long if we can sell our house and my husband can find a job. Oh, and I really like Mary Oliver. I have to love anyone who waxes poetic about wood thrushes. And she does.

  5. I have visited your site on several occasions, and I SERIOUSLY have a comment for you when I have a moment to do it properly.

    I’m delighted to hear you’re thinking of moving to Asheville. Good luck with your move!

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