The Morning After Extraversablogapaloozathon

The 2nd annual BlogAsheville awards were last night.

I read in Gordon’s blog that he was AFK for awhile on Friday due to getting an extravablogahaircut. To be honest, part of me found it somewhat shallow to be so concerned about one’s appearance at a public event. So in order to make Gordon feel better about himself I scheduled myself an extravablogahaircut as well as an extravablogafacial and an extravablogapedicure.

I was terribly nervous as I got ready for the party last night. The butterflies in my stomach felt familiar, and I realized that I felt like I was going out on a date. And indeed, I sort of was, stepping out with the BlogAsheville community.

I can be shy and don’t always do well at parties. I don’t always like them, although if I am at a good one, or in the right frame of mind, after an hour or two I seem to find my footing.

Think of me as a gregarious introvert who needs an hour or so to change modes. Luckily for me I had my tattoo advisor Geniune with me, as well as the free-spirited and sexy Hesper and her date Jimmy.

I didn’t win a single award, which in light of the prizes was probably best. I am not the type to have a snappy, Cowardesque comment to make over publicly unwrapping a gift that turns out to be a Blow Job Kit.

Another prize seemed to be a badminton set, which my friend described to me as an “after-blowjob kit.”

There was food, and a lovely home and yard to wander with a garden and a fire pit and trees. While no one else was watching, a white fireball streaked across the sky. Sparks rose from the fire high into the air, like stars themselves only floating.

Everyone was smart and friendly. We were all nerds of one kind or another.

Zen Sutherland wandered taking pictures, and gushed to me twice about how much he loved his wife, Helen. (Helen Sutherland, you are a lucky woman.) I finally got to meet Gordon Smith and Uptown Ruler of Scrutiny Hooligans.

Shad and Bill, where were you?

The only disappointment of the night was Kathryn not winning best rack Blogger I’d Most Like to See Naked. I thought you were a shoo-in, Kathryn.

The big winner of the night was Felicity of the Hangover Journals, who, wearing a black feather boa and wielding the wooden staff given to the winner of Best Overall Blog, seemed to be properly living up to her blog’s name. I hope Zen got some shots of the staff, which seems to be topped with a glass doorknob.

While I was chatting by the fire pit and sipping ginger ale, someone tried to break into my car. Now the driver-side door won’t shut. You did not get my MP3 player nor my wallet or stereo, but thanks to you I had to drive home last night at midnight holding the door closed around curves.

It was worth it, though, if only for communing over a tea tree oil-infused toothpick with Uptown Ruler. Uptown, you are great.

Gordon, I thought I was an arranger, but you make even me look bad. You are my hero, and you are amazing.

Congrats to all the winners (enjoy your Barbies, feather boas and badminton) and see you all next year! This blog is now going back to talking about college, Sir David Attenborough, astronomy, economics and alternative energy. :0)

UPDATE: The winners are here.



Behold the woman, Felicity of the Hangover Journals, well-deserved winner of Best Blog and several other awards:

(Fabulous image by Zen of Zenography, who is not only happily married but incredibly talented. More pics now up at the BlogAsheville wrap-up entry by Uptown Ruler.)


Susan’s fabulous Flickr stream of the event.

8 responses to “The Morning After Extraversablogapaloozathon

  1. jenn,

    was a true pleasure to meet you; enjoyed meeting your blog posse as well.



  2. The pleasure was all mine, my friend.

  3. Sorry I missed the festivities. A friend of mine had an engagement bash that required my attendance…hopefully I will make the Christmas party! (if there is one, and if there isn’t there should be)

  4. Yes i did get pix of nearly everything including the very cool fake chandelier in the JenKyle bathroom! Will post them to at least my flicker acct soon right after i practice my gushing techniques (i apparenly either drank too much or am not that subtle about the lovely Helen)

    It was a blessing to meet you, Kid!

  5. Too bad you didn’t win. You’re my favorite Asheville blog. :-)

  6. Zen, my friend, anyone with something to gush about is blessed. Those who gush repeatedly about their wives are, to my mind, not only richly blessed but deeply admirable.

    LOL thank you, Wil.

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