Semester Check-In; Thank You for Reading This Personal Blog

Attention conservation notice: This post is about the semester so far, and BlogAsheville.

The semester, I think, is about at the halfway point.

Every semester is a wonder. Even this one, when my studies don’t light up my mind they way they have in the past. Somehow, this one is just as good.

Math and science delighted me, made my heart race. I wandered into that county as far as I could before, lost and disoriented, I had to come back home, tired of wandering in darkness.

This is a new country and travel here is different. I am not lost; I do not tire. The landscape is well-lit and I no longer stumble in the darkness of my own limits.

And if it’s not as magical here, it’s perhaps because it is not a dreamy future in my head but hard earth under my feet. No more grasping at secrets in the darkness, but taking in every sight along the way.

The real, the seen, the revealed, is always less romantic. But as I have said before, better hard earth under my feet than a windy dream that blows around in my head forever and is never real. A shabby hard-won reality is better than losing oneself in the most romantic of dreams.

And my reality isn’t too shabby! I devoured the basics of newswriting in just a few weeks, finding it invaluable to both blogging and website writing. Think about it: Blogs, websites, newspapers. Narrow bands of text the eye scans, not always reading every word. The same skillset generally applies to all three formats.

Short paragraphs, single sentence paragraphs, extreme economy in expressing oneself. The inverted pyramid. Small, powerful tricks that made me a much better writer very quickly, especially in my online work.

And political science, I can already tell I have no future in. But I don’t want a future in it, so I am not sad.

My poli sci classes serve two purposes. One, they keep my heart alive as my head busies itself with the craft and art of writing, formally learned. Two, they inform me and give me a powerful and useful logical framework with which to better understand the world.

My major field takes me more deeply into my profession. My minor field lets me step beyond my dreadful provinciality and see the world through a new framework far more sophisticated than the one I’d constructed, mostly from blog-reading and a childhood in multi-racial, multi-national South Florida.


I’m still processing the BlogAsheville get-together, which really was a far greater experience than just a bunch of friendly people, some food and a band. Because the awards made me check out a bunch of other local blogs, I added some great new sites to my Asheville page and bookmarked several local blogs I plan to read daily.

Most importantly, when I read these blogs I will know the faces behind them. That matters. We are connected, now.

I also seem to be getting about 50 more visitors a day, and during the week am getting close to 500 hits a day. Good lord! I’d like to thank all of you for reading this blog. I am not a big reader of personal blogs (unless I know you somehow, as I do the people behind the blogs in my sidebar) and am mystified and delighted by the amazing growth this one has shown.

JSFW got Boing Boing’d within a few weeks of its existence, getting close to a hit a second during the peak of the barrage. Fifteen months later it looks like this month will see me get as many hits this month as Boing Boing brought me in August of 2006, only now I get them all on my own.

So thank you very much. I love writing this blog. When I have something to say in it and no time to write, the words and ideas rattle around in my head like a pebble in a Dixie cup, and I am not quite right until I get them out.

Thank you for listening.


A bit of admin for those who have asked: As of October 2007 this blog uses a canned WordPress theme, Tarski. I upload my own custom header done in and fiddled significantly with the sidebar widgets.

4 responses to “Semester Check-In; Thank You for Reading This Personal Blog

  1. I too haven’t fully processed the whole blog awards thing either, and feel like you do that there are faces and names and interesting things going on, i’m just not solidly sure of how it all fits together.

    And thankful for the new perspectives to read!

  2. I think our job now is to A. enjoy our new discoveries and B. figure out out how it all fits together… Seeing Gourmet Grrl on BlogAsheville is a fine start.

    Sure would be nice to see some uniquely Asheville images on BlogAsheville every now and again, yes sirree, sure would be nice…

  3. uniquely-asheville! i like that. I hope to live up to that, thanks.

  4. “A shabby reality is better than losing oneself in the most romantic of dreams.” Really? I feel the exact opposite (but I’m a bit of a romantic).

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