Here in WNC we’re having an Indian summer, with temperatures in the 80s today.

I stepped out this morning to visit my neighbor and saw my lawn was thick with dew.


In the last few days we’ve had hours of rain. We’re still in a drought and still down the better part of a foot of rain, but the air is moist now and I am just today noticing the thickness of the morning dew.

Though it’s October, the days are still hot. Recently I shut all my house’s windows with the first cold days of the new season, thinking it was time to close myself off from the outside world, break out the space heater, cast on a sweater and get ready for the transition into cold weather.

And indeed we had a few cold days. We bloggers shivered pleasantly at Blogapalooza, happy to be near the fire, some of us in jackets. But soon the weather turned warm again.

This has been a contrary, cranky year for weather. March had both premature summery sandal weather as well as a disaster of a frost that killed many local Japanese maples, damaged plenty of growers’ crops, and killed the beautiful English lavender plant that I’d cultivated in a pot by my front door for years, and loved.

It’s fall break and I welcome the rest from school. I have had a test a week for the past two weeks, plus an extra article due last week.

Today I’ll finally do the sinkful of dishes that accrues all week. (I DESPISE dirty dishes, but by 10 or 11 p.m., when my day usually ends, I want my last hours of the day to be halfway restful, and not involve anything else that feels like work.) I’ll make a lasagna and cast on the first knitted Christmas gifts of the year. I’ll wait for the thick, wet dew to dry and then mow my overgrown lawn. Later I’ll jump in the shower, make myself presentable and spend the evening looking at a friend’s old pictures of her time spent studying Arabic in Tunisia and working at a kibbutz in Jerusalem.

We’ll have dinner and walk over to watch what’s left of the local flock of swifts.

I will come home to this and this, which are great pleasures in my world.

Neighborhood dogs are barking. The weeping cherry by my office window is almost still in the windless morning warmth. A cat sleeps curled on my scanner.

This is that best of things, that stuff of life, the ordinary day.

2 responses to “Summerfall

  1. You hit the nail on head about the weather – I am so ready for Autumn to finally take hold and bring us some cool days (and even cooler nights – the better to snuggle by…)

    BTW – I really like the new banner…

  2. I don’t mind the Indian summer. I’ve always thought I’d be perfectly happy in some part of the world with no seasons, only endless perfect temperate days. I got spoiled by my childhood in South Florida, I suppose, where “winter” is day after perfect golden day for weeks on end.

    But you’ll have your way soon enough!

    Glad you like the banner. I love the pinks and browns in it.

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