Fall Is…

Fall is:

Two crows fighting on the wing in a rainstorm. Their backs are gray with rain. A moment after they pass, a single yellow leaf falls.


Rain falls. Two crows fight

on the wing, backs gray with wet.

A single leaf falls

Indian summer is:

When it is colder in than out though you don’t know it, and you spend the day inside like a grub, chilly and besweatered, and come out blinking into the afternoon daylight to realize it’s t-shirt weather, a good day for a walk. You visit a friend who ditches the plans for a walk to make a bean-and-acorn squash lasagna with pine nuts. You eat together. Later, brownies and tea are involved.

Perhaps, you think, still uncertain, life is not so bad after all.

One response to “Fall Is…

  1. all of the above plus the outdoor carpet makes a cool swishy-shush sound!

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