Indian Thriller with English “Subtitles”

While fooling around on YouTube I found this clip from a crazy old Bollywood movie that totally rips off Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

I laughed so hard that my stomach still hurts.

This clip has been viewed over one million times on YouTube.


(Does anybody know what movie this really is?)

3 responses to “Indian Thriller with English “Subtitles”

  1. Michael Jackson is much skinnier than this guy….!
    Fascinating to see India’s take on American pop culture: good that globalization at least makes for some good yucks!

  2. The movie is called ‘Donga’ in the language ‘Telugu’ from a state called Andhra Pradesh in India.

  3. Thank you, Balaji. And if you have the chance before I do, I hope you’ll give all my love to Andhra Pradesh for this fine film clip, which has provided me with much enjoyment.


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