Halloween 2007

Daylight Pics

modified tiki jack-o’-lantern in skeleton-hand stand


A Martha Stewart trick — hollow out turnips or small winter squashes and make mini jack-o’-lanterns you can suspend from tree branches with twine. They looked really cool. I may try to do more next year, and fill the whole tree with glowing heads:


Here’s the big web, and the two squashes hanging from branches:


Nighttime Pics

Luminaries light the way…


To the creepy pumpkin and friend:


The orange light strings on the front porch always look cool:


All that was left by 9 p.m. It was a 3 1/2-bag night.


5 responses to “Halloween 2007

  1. I like the skeleton-hand stand.

    Nobody trick-or-treats in our neighborhood.

  2. My neighbor just a few streets down from me hardly got anybody.

    I got more candy-eaters this year than ever before.

    Why don’t people trick or treat where you are?

  3. Great pics, Jennifer – I loved the skeleton hand, too – and the idea of the small jack-o-lanterns hanging in the tree.

  4. Those are fabulous Halloween decorations, Jennifer–I can see why you had a lot of trick-or-treaters. Oooh, plus, I can see you give away the really GOOD candy–not something like raisins or hard candy left over from last Christmas with lint sticking to it. (I still remember the dismay I’d feel as a kid to find something nutritious in my goody bag. Or nasty candy.)

  5. I suppose there are a number of factors: we live in a semi-rural area – long driveways, lots of space between houses, no streetlights – and we have a mostly older population.

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