Open Thread: Days of War, Nights of Love

Attention conservation notice: This blog has decided not to take life so seriously until at least tomorrow morning.

I went to church today, my good old hippie church run by a self-defrocked minister who left the Methodist religion before he was booted out, for the “crime” of presiding over the marriage celebration of two local women.

Unexpectedly the sermon was pretty much written for me, and was called “Mediocre Metropolis,” about the times in life when days just feel like that long-ass stretch of I-40 as you drive down the penile length of Florida on your way to Miami from points north. No highs, no lows, no ups, no downs. Just one long interminable destination-less stretch.


Today I came across an anarchist website selling a book called Days of War, Nights of Love, and I really got a big kick out of that title. A title like that could go on a porno, a cheesy historical romance, a very bad poem, and of course a kick-ass anarchist rant… I immediately decided to re-title my own life Days of Kleenex, Nights of Netflix.

What have y’all got?

3 responses to “Open Thread: Days of War, Nights of Love

  1. Well, the first thought to my mind is “Days of Cat Hair, Nights of Hockey”, but I’ll let you know if something else occurs to me.

  2. Just came upon an older post about Roald Hoffmann and the World of Science. I’m working on an interview with him to be published next week. If you go to my blog, you’ll find a link to a free streaming video of the entire series.

    Question: Should I take a chance my high school/middle school kids will enjoy/be able to stay awake through this, or should I wait until they’re older?

  3. Kathy,

    I’ve only watched 1 or 2 of the World of Chemistry videos, and I found them endearing but dated and really kind of weird. I think you can probably find something that will engage your kids more, like Mythbusters, Brainiac (BBC) or Bill Nye.

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