Spring 2008 Classes: Round One

Attention conservation notice: For those who are curious about my college experience as a Mass Comm major/Poli Sci minor, here’s my first-round slate of classes for the coming semester, which starts in January.

Historically, several rounds is what it takes to shake out a schedule that works. Last semester in the first week of class I dropped a class with a boring, rambling, self-indulgent prof who taught a 3-hour night class. No thanks.

I also slapped on another year of study, declaring a political science minor very late in the game and with only one POLS class taken.

But still, it was the right thing to do. Mass Comm classes are interesting and important, and I am choosing to specialize where I am already strong. But I’d go nuts if my day were nothing but copy editing, media ethics and the news formula.

This way, half my day is mass comm and the other half is globalization, international relations and balance of power politics. Ahhhhh.

And, yes, 15 credit hours, what I’m taking next semester and tried to take this semester, is more than I’ve ever taken before. I’m tired of dragging my feet. I wasted time studying the wrong thing, trying to balance the impossibility of professional work, self-support without loans and making the best grades I could. Looks like by the time I graduate, which with luck will be in 2009, I will have spent seven years working on one bachelor’s and one minor.


Here’s Plan A for what’s going on this semester:

CLAS 101 Latin I (Taylor) *

* This class is a repeat from 1990 when I took the class as a stupid 21-year-old, quit coming to class (long story) and never withdrew… I got a big fat “F.”

I want to replace this grade and improve my GPA. Only my UNCA grades are counted in my UNCA GPA (my grades from TWO YEARS of almost all straight A’s in community college are not counted toward my UNCA GPA), so my UNCA GPA is 2.2 and my community college GPA is 3.8.

MCOM 482 International Mass Communication (West)

MCOM 104 Media, Ethics and Society (Gouge)

POLS 220 Principles of American Political Behavior (Jenkins-Mullen)

POLS 389 International Law (Gibney)

All these profs checked out well in my research, and I already know and like Michael Gouge, who is the faculty adviser for the student paper I’ve written for for months now, to the tune of a dozen or more articles.

It still kills me to do good work on deadline and not get paid.

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