Vacation’s Over

Vacation’s over. Class and work begin again today.

The semester ends in 15 days.

I’m already dreaming of a happy December spent knitting, baking and writing. Zen’s picture could be an image of the mind of a student, 15 days away from winter break.


(Image: Water Dreaming by local photographer Zen Sutherland. You should go read how this image was taken.)

5 responses to “Vacation’s Over

  1. Jennifer-
    Yes, another girl. The boys are for sure out numbered in the house. They had hoped for a boy to even things out! LOL
    I really didn’t care the sex of the new baby, I just wanted a healthy baby.

    I am glad you had a nice Thanksgiving with your family in TN.


  2. Shelley Flaherty from Asheville

    Hello Jennifer,

    I just wanted to say hello and wish you the best on your upcoming finals.

    How long to go till you finish your degree now that you have switched majors from physics? However long/short it is you have those in your cybercommunity routing for you.
    (You’ve probable mentioned your grad date in one of your earlier posts, Ive been out of cybertouch – worked 12 hour days this summer/fall, now am on blessed winter layoff and have more time for things like reading my favorite blogs).


  3. HEY SHELLEY!! I noticed when you slipped away. Welcome back!

    I have about 2 more years until graduation. Ugh. Good thing I really like school and am learning a lot. It’s the cost in loans, lost wages, and lost time with friends that hurts.

  4. What a lovely picture! Hurray for only 15 days of the semester, too.

  5. Thanks, Kate! Jennifer always picks the best shots to show which helps me know when i’m doing good. And hooray for the semester ending!

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