I’ve Been Tagged: Meme 161

I’ve been tagged by fellow Asheville freelancer Marty Weil

Per the Meme 161 rules, my task is to open the book I’m reading to page 161 and share the 6th sentence. Then, I tag five more bloggers to continue the Meme.

I will take this as an opportunity to share my latest find: Terry Pratchett. (I know I’m late to the party. Well, not too late, since I am already a fan of his collaboration with Neil Gaiman, the charming and very funny Good Omens.)

I read Cory Doctorow’s rave post on BoingBoing about Pratchett’s latest, Making Money. Am I to resist a book called an “economic comedy”???? It looked so good I had to get a Pratchett of very my own, so I did.

I started, as Doctorow recommended, with Going Postal. Which is, I suppose, a postal comedy. With a golem. Named Mr. Pump.

From the book:

“A lot of the very old ones have. Tell me, what do you want them to do?” said the woman.

Well, not a very exciting quote, sad to say. But a funny book I am enjoying very much.

And since I am a COLLEGE STUDENT, I have more joy for you.

From the other books I am reading:

Or maybe the Koreans and the Chinese making cars together.

– William Grieder’s critique of global capitalism, One World, Ready Or Not

But this time you’ll carry your own will through, uh?

– Henrik Ibsen, An Enemy of the People, Four Major Plays Vol. II

Fortunately for all of you, Soren Kierkegaard’s The Present Age is less than 161 pages long.

(I’m not a tagger, but please feel free to adopt this meme on your own blog, or leave a comment…)

8 responses to “I’ve Been Tagged: Meme 161

  1. Going Postal is acres better then Making Money, just to warn you. Somehow, Moist gets stupid between the two. And I have lots more Pratchett if you’re interested.

  2. Wow! Bonanza! Thank you, I will take you up in that as soon as I am done with Going Postal.

    What would you recommend as my next Pratchett adventure?

    You know what I love? That WordPress spellcheck software recognizes the word Pratchett.

    (But in a bizarre turn of events, does not recognize “WordPress” or “spellcheck.”)

  3. Been a long time fan of Pratchett (currently reading “Thud”), and have his first seven books autographed. I think you would particularly like “Pyramids” or “The Last Continent”.

    Sadly page 161, sentence 6 of the book I have in my hands right now reads

    “Using data from the Appendices and the fact that the molar enthalpy of formation is -859 kJ/mol, calculate a value for the lattice energy of barium chloride.”


  5. “Thud” rules. “Thud” and “Going Postal” are the only two I’ve read so far, but I Pixiedyke I may take you up on your offer to borrow.

  6. My favorites are Small Gods, Lords and Ladies, and Nightwatch. If you’ve only read the Ankh Morpork novels you’re seriously missing out. Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg are the best comedy team since ever.

  7. Also Monstrous Regiment, even though Pterry doesn’t know what to do with lesbians.

  8. Excellent! Will check these out.

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