POLS 281: International Relations (A Synopsis)

You will be introduced to your own political ignorance. You won’t be made to feel ashamed or deficient, but you will realize that despite following the media and voting in elections, you know as much about global politics as you do about woodworking, or any other complex endeavor to which you have devoted no real study at all.

You will be introduced to a series of convincing and contradicting worldviews. They will all make sense to you. You might realize your own political views, which you previously found justified, examined and readily defensible, have been largely dictated by the class and nation you find yourself in.

You will realize that being asked your political identity and responding “left-leaning liberal” is a bit like being asked where you are from and replying, “Earth.”

You will realize, in your last days of class, that if you really want to know anything at all about what is going on and your place in it all, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

One response to “POLS 281: International Relations (A Synopsis)

  1. It sounds like I’d enjoy this class a lot. Glad to know the hard questions are getting asked.

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