Five Ways to Make Yourself More Attractive to Possible Romantic Partners

In the tradition of Merlin Mann, five ways to make yourself more attractive to possible romantic partners.

1. play the electric guitar

2. play the piano

3. be a great cook

4. speak a foreign langauge

5. ride a motorcycle

6 responses to “Five Ways to Make Yourself More Attractive to Possible Romantic Partners

  1. (wow, i play the piano, guitar AND ride a motorcycle – and Helen is a great cook – i think we’re perfect romantic partners for each other!) Nevertheless, here would be my 5.

    1. enjoy your own company

    2. watch less TV

    3. complain a whole lot less (internally and externally)

    4. teach your eyes to laugh

    5. become the kind of person you’d love to be romantic with

  2. Hm.

    1. take out your smarts when they’re needed

    2. develop hobbies and interests

    3. be good with animals and children

    4. laugh at yourself

    5. be bold about what matters

  3. 6. never ride a motorcycle

  4. 1. Practice frequent grooming and spend some money on clothing

    2. Become funny or at least witty or at the very least, really creative

    3. Give in to chivalry- but not gender stereotypes

    4. Be either really fantastically brilliant at one thing, or marginally accomplished in many areas

    5. Travel the world, and while doing so, develop a fierce passion

  5. GG, love your number 3. So true. I really could add “be good-humored, polite and helpful” to my list.

    I note that everyone has included laughter and humor in their list in some way.

    Except SHAD.

  6. I am not a list maker, plus I am already married…but I just thought that riding a motorcycle to attract a mate was probably not good advice…unless it is a hover-bike. If it is a hover-bike you should probably marry that person, or at least invite them in for tea then whomp them over the head and keep them in your basement until they give you the secret(s) of their hover-bike.

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