Join Me in 2008 for Communal Living?


If you live in the Asheville area, are available to move into a new housing situation next month, and are interested in communal living as an exercise in saving money, saving energy and exploring new ways of community that are really just old ways, keep reading…

This weekend I am visiting a family in Barnardsville that is undertaking a 12-month sojourn in Chile starting in January, and who needs someone to rent their 4-bedroom house while they’re gone. I’ve run my commune idea by the family, and they are interested in talking to me about trying a test-run of communal living for one year (this would let me try rural living and communal living without even selling my house!).

If things continue to interest me and work out, I’m hoping to find a minimum of three nonsmoking, drug-free housemates to share the 4-bedroom home for a year.

The house is $1250 a month (without utilities), with a well and some heating help from solar panels. It’s on 160 shared, rural acres with fruit trees and cross-country skiiing trails. Barnardsville is beautiful, and a 25-minute commute to Asheville. There’s even a piano.

The house is fully furnished and the owners prefer to keep it that way, but seem to be willing to work with the renters.

If you’re interested in learning more about this idea, send me an email (click on the “About Jennifer” page). It’s too soon for me to be making anyone an offer, but if I decide to go for it I’ll post more details fast, because I’ll need to make the Beck family an offer by Christmas.

Please feel free to share this blog post. Anyone seriously considering being part of this experiment needs to be nonsmoking and drug free, plus have two references and proof of employment.

I don’t think dogs are allowed — not my rules, but the Becks’. Cats and kids are OK.

Piano players and fellow knitters are encouraged to apply.

(Don, all this would mean for you — if anything even happens, which is not yet certain– is that you’d get the house to yourself. I would seriously consider renting the house to you for a year, furnished and at a reduced rate, because I know you are honest and reliable, plus you have cute kids.)

8 responses to “Join Me in 2008 for Communal Living?

  1. Hmmm …. interesting … and impeccably good timing as I have been apartment/house hunting this week :-)

    Talk to you this weekend!


  2. I plan to set up a reverse experiment to yours, where I live as an anti-communal sociopath for a year. My apartment will be energy-intensive, heavily guarded, all appliances will be on full bore even if nobody is home, and all edibles will be consumed from take-out restaurants. Then we’ll see who is sane.

  3. LOL you’re on. But isn’t it true that this will require minimal enhancements to your current lifestyle?

    PS: To be fair you should also smoke and start abusing drugs.

  4. Sorry, this comment is not about your experiment, but about the fascinating graphic… I look at it and try to imagine, how the artist felt painting it. I am sure he was told that “the children must look extremely healthy, happy and perfect” – and he just tried to make it precisely like that, without any personal involvement whatsoever. Almost like German TV advertising in Denmark… bright pastel colours, innocent smiles, ridiculously pure.

    PS. This is Anne from Annes Blog – has created one in English as well

  5. Anne!!!!! Hello!!!!!

    I’ve seen artwork like this in the propaganda posters of the “great Leap Forward” era:

    Red Unit seems to be an electronica band.

    You have a blog in English now? I clicked the link and it is all in your lovely Dansk…

  6. Hey… Long time (well, I actually read your blog in my news feeds)…

    I like the dragons drawings (your link)… in fact I thing there is something aesthetical about Asian art styles… propaganda or not.

    So Red Unit’s poster is in fact kitsch… hm… yes guess that was quite obvious…

    My English blog address is: (cousin to my flickr profile, Quite different from the old one. but that would not make any difference to you :-) .

    Good luck with the hunt for drug free non-smokers … and merry Christmas… Guess it is a lot colder where you are…

  7. Not kitsch, I guess, but propaganda. Idealization.

    It’s actually been a warm winter so far here in WNC, with recent highs of 23 degrees C. T-shirt weather in winter!

    Thanks for the good wishes, and glaedelig jul to you, too!

  8. Thanks :-) Impressing…

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