Sunday Song: Rain Rain Go Away


Is your December weather like mine so far — mistly, drizzly, milky? Damp rather than snowy? Wet rather than wintry? An endless bowl of oatmeal rather than a a cup of mulled cider or a smooth glass of eggnog? (Not that’s snow’s all that great on a commute, or that my part of the world didn’t need the rain we got last night…)

No matter the weather where you are, let the late great Vince Guaraldi (of Charlie Brown Christmas fame) chase your blues away with this beautiful jazz piano piece, “Rain Rain Go Away,” one of my favorites of his works.

Click on the link and click to play. Nothing to download! Just click, press play and listen.

(Thanks again to CCR, who long ago when we worked together in a Charlotte bookstore introduced me to the pleasures of Vince Guaraldi and the Vince Guaraldi Trio.)

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