A Tall Order for Red Lipstick

lipstick.jpgI had breakfast the other day with a dear friend who said she is quitting wearing her trademark red lipstick because she thinks she’s getting too old for it! What a crock.

NO WOMAN who doesn’t yet need a wheelchair to get around is too old for anything as classic as red lipstick. I mean honestly.

Plus my friend looks absolutely fabulous in red lipstick, so much so that another of her friends and I comment about it when she’s not even around.

So here is my request: My friend might be persuaded to wear red lipstick again if she can find a cheap brand you can get online or at Target/Walmart/Kmart/drugstores rather than the upscale department stores. (Part of her reason for quitting red is that her brand, Clinique, is $14 a tube.)

I am looking for a bluish/purplish red (NOT an orange or pink red) matte lipstick, preferably with no scent, that you can either get online cheap, or at the drugstore (the place where, I know, most “red” lipsticks turn a horrible pink or orange when applied to your lips). Ideally, the price would be $12 or less a tube.

My friend is a hazel-eyed dyed blonde with fair skin, early 50s, handsome and attractive.

If you have any suggestions, please send email or leave a comment.


4 responses to “A Tall Order for Red Lipstick

  1. I agree a crock! Wear that RED!!!
    If Clinique is her fave brand–check EBAY. LOTS of Clinique there!!!
    I am a Clinique junkie as well. LOL I haven’t bought from EBAY–but have looked a few times. I wouldn’t buy my lotions there but I am sure if I found a great eyeshadow there–I would EBAY it. LOL

    Hope that was helpful.

  2. Black Cherry by Milani, found at most drugstores and about $4 a tube (sometimes as little as $2 when CVS runs BOGO sales). It’s the darkest deepest bluest purplest red you can find … trust me!


  3. Sophie, you fricken ROCK, seriously! Thank you SO MUCH!

  4. So glad I could help! The only trick now is beating me to the supply! When I find it, I scarf every tube on the shelf! It’s my color too! :)

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