Winter Storm Warning

Last night as I knitted a wristwarmer and watched The Sound of Music on TV, an emergency weather warning suddenly flashed on the bottom of the screen.

A winter storm warning — not a watch, a warning — for Tuesday. Tomorrow.

Here’s the deal from the National Weather Service:

… Winter storm to impact the North Carolina mountains…

… Winter Storm Warning in effect from 12 PM Tuesday to 6 PM EST Wednesday…

… Winter Storm Watch no longer in effect…

The National Weather Service in Greenville-Spartanburg has issued a Winter Storm Warning… which is in effect from 12 PM Tuesday to 6 PM EST Wednesday. The Winter Storm Watch is no longer in effect.

Scattered snow showers will develop across the North Carolina mountains early Tuesday… increasing in coverage and intensity by Tuesday evening along and near the Tennessee state line. Storm total snowfall amounts of 4 to 7 inches will be possible especially in the higher elevations and on northwest facing slopes. Strong northwest winds of 25 to 30 mph… with gusts of up to 45 mph… could also create considerable blowing of snow in affected locations. The combination of strong winds and cold temperatures will also cause wind chill values to fall to between zero and 10 below early Wednesday across much of the higher terrain.

A Winter Storm Warning means significant amounts of snow and blowing snow are expected or occurring. Strong winds are also possible. This will make travel very hazardous or impossible.

Yikes. Thank goodness I’ve got food, cats, yarn and movies.

This is a good time to revisit this post, which if you scroll down is about what to have in the house when you are snowed in. (It happens even here in the South, where while we don’t always get a lot of snow, sometimes we do — and what snow we get commonly melts into slick ice that makes driving difficult and dangerous. At least once I set out for the grocery store on a snowy day and made it a only a fraction of a mile before ice on the neighborhood roads sent me sliding back home.)

Here’s the weather forecast for Asheville:


What’s your winter like lately? Do you get snow where you are? What do you like to have in the house when you get snowed in? Leave a comment (esp. if you are George or Anne; I want to know what winter December is like in Australia).

Meanwhile, I am off to an awesome New Year’s party. I have been told to come hungry, and so I shall. :0)


2 responses to “Winter Storm Warning

  1. Brrr. We’ll be getting a blast of cold down here in Florida too. Not much compared to you and to Floyd, VA…but it’ll be a shock to go from mid 80s to 30s so quickly. I love your site’s new look and suspect that come spring I’ll see another. I don’t use WordPress, but a derivative of it – Typepad. Is WordPress difficult and/or time consuming? Happy New Year…

  2. You’re getting into the 30s in Fla? What part of the state are you in?

    Glad you like the new look. I think this is my favorite theme I have ever had in over a year of blogging. And no, WordPress is not difficult at all. It’s the only blog software I have ever used, so I have nothing to compare it to, but I find it intuitive and well designed. I’m a fan.

    Today has dawned bright and sunny but crisp with cold. We’ll see what happens after lunchtime when the snows are expected to move in.

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