Snow Day Pics: January 2, 2008


(This blog entry marks my first time writing or typing 2008!)

This is yesterday at lunchtime. The day was this bright and blue:


Here’s the birdbath yesterday:


And here it is today:


Here’s some pics from my yard.

A broken thermometer? It’s about 11 degrees F out. Colder with the wind chill, and it IS windy and cold, and bites at your fingers. The kind of cold that flies up your pantleg and tells you your socks are not long enough:


Melting snow in the yard. We had a white blanket this morning, but now the sun is out:


Snowy street:


Snowy driveway:


Snowy back yard:


Snow on the pyracantha bush:


Icy neighborhood road:


And here’s a pretty one from my sister in East Tennessee, of the horse pasture by her house:


OK, back to work. Please pass the banana bread.

5 responses to “Snow Day Pics: January 2, 2008

  1. From the relatively warm safety of the Sandhills, that looks pretty. Still, better you than me. I learned how to drive in the land of snow (15′ per year, whether we needed it or not), but I don’t drive in NC on snowy days, because of the ice.

    Enjoy your bread!

  2. Fifteen FEET per year? Oh my lord! No thanks. Glad you made it to somewhere easier to endure (at least climactically)!

  3. As you might imagine, I had all the snow I ever needed by the time I was 12. Actually, the snow and cold weren’t the breaking point – it was cloudy from November to April, every year. As in, no sun, for weeks at a time. I have many complaints with living in the south, but sunshine and barbecue make it all worthwhile.

  4. The clouds get to me too, and the sunshine is a great thing to love about the Sunny South. I don’t blame you for making a break from weeks of gray at a time.

    Where are you from?

  5. I grew up in Syracuse, NY, due east of the Great Lakes. Lake effect snow, butt-freezing cold, and no sun to boot! It’s pretty country and the summers are nice, but I don’t see why the original settlers didn’t make a break for it as soon as the ice broke up in the lakes.

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