Winter Means Ice: Driving in the South on a Snowy Day

I had to drive to the bank this morning to make a deposit. On a sunny day with barely an inch of snow on the ground, I lost control of the car twice.

The first was the worst, when I came within a whisker of plowing into a passing car. My car slid on an icy patch and I lost steering and braking while meanwhile nightmarishly heading right for the car trying to pass me and desperately driving onto the edge of someone’s lawn to avoid me.

If the driver hadn’t been able to swerve into a yard to avoid me, I would have sideswiped his car and damaged both cars. White car driver, I am so sorry! I was coming right at you but doing all I could to brake and steer away… Thank you for the sharp driving.

Minutes after that I slid again but lucked out onto a bare patch, melted by the morning sun, that let me brake, regain control of the car and turn left for home.

I limped home, a little breathless.

This is what it is like driving in the South sometimes, and for all the craziness involving long lines at the grocery store as overreacting Ashevilleans line up for milk, bread and eggs, today I realized the grain of danger present in any snowstorm in a place where snow melts into a layer of ice.

I’m glad to be home.

BTW the main roads I drove on are not bad at all (wet with brown slush), but the neighborhood roads are icy and dangerous. Drive slow, stay in your lane and if you don’t have to make a run to the bank, stay home.

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