Even Better

big bag of peanut butter-dipped pretzels from Greenlife: $5

pen-style laser pointer for playing light-games in the sky with falling snow: $10

Netflix subscription that lands Waking Ned Devine in your mailbox on the night of a snowfall: $15

knowing deep in your heart that snow days are even better when you are nearly 39:



8 responses to “Even Better

  1. Waking Ned Devine is just hilarious = hope you enjoyed!

  2. LOVED Waking Ned Devine. Wasn’t expecting too much, but got one of my favorite comedies, ever. LOVED the Roald Dahl moment at the end!

  3. I’ll have to add that to my queue. In honor of the expected icing, Netflix sent me Happy Feet!

  4. I’d add it for sure. Should I add Happy Feet?

  5. I actually haven’t watched it yet, but I’ll let you know once I have.

  6. Cool. I liked the trailer.

  7. Snow Days are better when you are over 35!!!!

  8. Watched this weekend and yes, I would say Happy Feet is worth adding. It’s a bit heavy-handed with the ‘humans are bad’ mantra, but all in all not a bad way to spend a few hours.

    Another movie I finally watched this weekend and would recommend is Beyond Rangoon. Apropos considering the somewhat recent events in Burma (it’ll always be Burma to me). Not something to watch if you need a little light-hearted entertainment though.

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