Snow Day!

(UNCA magic snowflake that indicates the college is closed.)

The snow came last night at around 9:30.

I was sitting and knitting a hat in the living room and watching Waking Ned Devine, which is an absolutely lovely, funny comedy with an outstanding Roald Dahl moment at the end.

A car drove past the house on my quiet residential road, and in its headlights as they went briefly and brightly by in the darkness, I could see it — snow falling thick and fast.

I paused the movie, dressed up warm, and went out into the darkness to look. Sure enough, I could feel it falling on me immediately, see it illuminated in the streetlight by my neighbor’s house. I stuck out my tongue and felt it swiftly dusted with snowflakes.

I ran back inside for the laser pointer, which makes beautiful shapes in rain or snow, the more and faster the precipitation the better, lighting up the drops or flakes that fall into its beam in a long, dancing conga line of illuminated rubies. (Laser pointers don’t show a beam of visible light, but do project a fat dot of red light a quarter of a mile or more, and will illuminate anything in their path, including raindrops and snowflakes.)

I came in cold and delighted, and sat back down for my excellent movie, with the deep, deep heart-peace the childless, self-employed working student knows when there is absolutely no need to set the alarm tonight or get in the car tomorrow.

With thickly falling snow at night, there’ll be no school. It will be that best of things for the busy person, a day devoted to rest and catching up.

Today I’ll catch up on my Latin and poli sci homework, track down the last of my textbooks, final-edit some web copy for a client, balance my checkbook, pay bills, wash the sink full of dirty dishes, clean the cat box, maybe figure out how to work the juicer that’s sat dormant in my cabinet for a few years. By all means be jealous of my fine day at home, but don’t forget the full package includes student loan debt, exhaustion and chronic overwork.

Just not today. Not today.

Today I may shop for yarn if the store is open and the roads allow, fill the birdfeeders and watch the mother and child set of neighbors sled down the hills of their back yard on yellow plastic saucers.

We got a proper blanket last night, looks like maybe 2-3 inches.


I’d like some college advice. Feel free to share whatever wisdom you possess:

I’ve signed up for a political science class, International Law, which I thought sounded interesting. But it turns out the class is full of pre-law students, uses a $90 law textbook, and is very law and treaty-oriented. Not very interesting after all.

But it works with my schedule, fulfills a minor requirement, and the professor is well-reviewed and very funny. The class requires about 30-40 pages of reading every weekday, but has few tests and mostly consists of understanding the readings (legal precedents from a fat hardcover that is big and expensive as only legal and medical texts can be) and discussing them in class.

The subject matter interests me very little, and I dread dragging my feet to learn case law that doesn’t attach well to any significant interest of mine (I tend to to enjoy the economic and governmental aspects of poli sci over than the cultural or legal aspects).

I’ve got today to decide to keep the class or reinvent my schedule.

Any advice?


In happy news, though no one told me it seems that I am on the 2007 UNCA fall semester Dean’s List, an honor awarded to full-time students with a semester GPA of 3.5-3.9. Sort of like the A-B honor roll (though not the A honor roll) for college students.


Errata: I got the facts wrong from my recent rushed phone call from Rowan in which she conveyed her excitement over the possibility of driving around Ireland this summer doing research. She’s only just been invited by her professor to write the grant, and was calling me to tell me about the exciting possibility of doing such amazing cool and interesting research.

Her grant hasn’t been approved yet, and she’ll be writing it this year for travel and research in August.

Heather’s grant, meanwhile, is pretty much a done deal, though not quite. She’s been asked to supply more information, and expects to have her grant approved after a data entry ordeal.

Wish them luck. I am still gunning to drive the van in Ireland, and have offered free writing assistance to Rose and Heather both.

One response to “Snow Day!

  1. Enjoy the snow. We got a scant bit of sleety slush, which stuck to the grass for an hour or so, followed by chilly rain. I don’t mind – snow around here is the End of the Earth. I am, however, quite jealous of the hanging around a quiet house. (Even if it did snow, I’d WALK to work. Heh.)

    Better fill the birdfeeder – thanks for reminding me!

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