Chipped Cats and Dr. Gibney

My friend found a thin black stray cat on Christmas Day, and because she’s allergic to cats but still loves them, brought her to me to care for until we found her a home.

I took the cat to the vet and lo and behold she had a chip (a microchip under her skin that had her people’s contact information)! I was excited and happy, but the vet tech gently told me that the battle wasn’t over yet, because sometimes even chipped cats aren’t wanted cats.

Then he admitted that a spayed, declawed, chipped cat was probably a wanted cat, and happily walked off to call the chip company for the phone number to where this cat lived.

I pictured a woman answering the phone, tears coming to her eyes as an excited gaggle of kids gathered around her and she told them Lucy was coming home today.

The vet left a message with the number they got, an answering service. Then another.

Last week my vet told me I could keep Lucy, as her person was not returning the messages the vet office was leaving.

Sometimes not even chipped cats are wanted.

Lucy will be adopted out through the Animal Compassion Network, a WNC-based no-kill foster network that finds pre-screened homes for unwanted cats and dogs. So if you want an absolutely outstanding cat with no bad habits who is a grade-A snuggler and has a mellow, affectionate personality, let me know. I’ve got one to give.


Remember my question about my International Law class, and my ambivalence about taking what amounted to a pre-law class, with a fat Paper-Chase hardcover textbook that costs $92 new at the university bookstore?

Turns out that my International Law professor is, according to this press release from the college, a “widely respected human rights expert.”

He mentioned he’d be out of class next week, but didn’t tell us he was flying to the Netherlands to present a paper at an international conference on “Transnational Human Rights Obligations in the Field of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.”


Not only is this guy a human rights expert, he is absolutely hilarious (the funniest prof I have had in years), he didn’t drop constant reminders he’s jetting off to the Netherlands to present a paper at an international conference (some profs would, I assure you), and students love him on the always-useful

I think I’ll keep the class…

2 responses to “Chipped Cats and Dr. Gibney

  1. We got our dog, Bailey, thru the Animal Compassion Network and it was great! Photos and as much background history that they know along with knowing that the animal wasn’t mistreated or even lonely during the interim of finding a new owner. Bailey is chipped and hopped happily in our car the second time we met her – when we’d decided to take her.

    It’ll be a good ending.

    Hey, and thanks for using parts of my photos for the banner dahlinks! You are a real peach, you know that?


  2. Zen, you are the peach. You are so talented. I’ve put a permanent credit in my sidebar about your photos — I wanted to credit you, but wanted something that would last.

    Yes, ACN is excellent. Got my cats Inky and Cleo through it, and they do outstanding work. Maybe someday I will meet Bailey. :0)

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