Sunday Song: O Lucky Woman!

Richard Thompson, “1952 Vincent Black Lightning”


Thompson’s in town tonight at the Orange Peel performing his original “1000 Years of Popular Music” show, in which he performs music from a period literally spanning hundreds of years.

From the Peel website:

The show runs about 2 hours and features accompanists Judith Owen (keyboards, vocals) and Debra Dobkin (percussion, vocals). In the show Thompson has been known to include “Summer is Icumen In“, the oldest known song in the English language, and continue through time from madrigals, ballads, sea shanties, British Music Hall, Broadway tunes, garage rock and even Britney Spears. Rolling Stone says “this show proves two things: Richard Thompson can play anything, from thirteenth-century rounds and minersĂ­ ballads to Squeeze and Abba; and he can make anything rock.”

I only discovered Thompson a few years ago, while listening to the radio and randomly coming across “Beeswing” for the first time. It floored me completely, sucked me in immediately, and I knew nothing but the song until it was over.

It was the official and overdue start of my love affair with British folk. And like all great musical obsessions with a worthy object, my affair with Thompson’s music just got better the deeper I went into the catalogue.

I’m still a fan, and grateful this concert arrives early enough in the semester to find me with time and money. See you at the Peel!

4 responses to “Sunday Song: O Lucky Woman!

  1. Oh my GAWD, o lucky woman is right. What a great show!

    If you EVER get the chance to see Thompson in concert, GO. Not only is he an outstanding guitarist, singer and songwriter, but he’s intelligent, witty, funny, humble and a lot of fun. I’m happy to say the Peel was packed, even on an icy cold winter’s evening, but we were early and got great seats.

    This show (1000 Years of Popular Music) is particularly fun because none of the music is Thompson’s. There’s no baggage, no trotting out of the hits. All those songs you love you don’t hear, but you get to see your guy having fun and singing ABBA and Easybeats tunes, not to mention The Three Ravens, a song Thompson said pre-dates the English language. (Fellow Alfred Deller fans will already know this one.)

    Faves, in order: Blackleg Miner (DANG), Java Jive, Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee (“I like singing your songs back at you.”). Also loved So Ben Mi Ca Bon Tempo & I Live In Trafalgar Square. Richard, ladies, thank you for a great time.

    Judith, loved the Phoebe Snow stylings during Java Jive. That was me whoopin’ for ya.

    Come back anytime!

  2. Good to see you last night, and I loved the show too.
    I particularly liked him playing the Easybeats – Australian music history lesson time. The Easybeats broke up in 1969, when Henry Vanda and George Young decided to be songwriters and producers, particularly for a band involving George Young’s two brothers, Angus and Malcolm.

  3. Tell me you got to see them do Blackleg Miner!

    Hope to see you at the BeBe. Tell me if you need me to post something on BlogAvl.

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