Full Moon Invitation: January 2008

(This was supposed to go up on Tuesday the 22nd, the night of the full moon, but my modem has been on the fritz on and off since Saturday. But the moon’s still bright. Let’s go for it.)

Welcome to the January 2008 Full Moon Invitation.

What’s a Full Moon Invitation? An invitation to wait until nightfall, turn off the lights and listen to music, ideally under the light of the full moon streaming in from a window. The goal, if you want one, is to listen and be with the music. To have moment of quiet and music and listening. That’s it.

Maybe you’ll read this on a day when the sky is clear, the moon full and bright, and you have the time for something as pointless as listening to a song in a dark house.

Here’s how you do it.

Wait until dark. Turn off all the lights. Sit somewhere where you can see the moon, or at least the moonlight. (I hope the shadows where the moonlight spills in will be long and sharp.)

Click on the picture.


(This link has been acting up — try again if you can’t get through at first).


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