Official Welcome: Megan Rose

This blog officially welcomes Megan Rose, shown below with her mom, new-minted British flood expert Cal W. of The Occasional Purl. Cal says she is not entirely sure if her new daughter counts as a Finished Object or a Work in Progress. </internet knitting joke>

Welcome Megan! I consider her one more person to be delighted to see when I finally make it to Derbyshire.

(I will bring my own transportation, in light of recent events.)


2 responses to “Official Welcome: Megan Rose

  1. Wow! What a cutie! Considering that my mom is still polishing me up, I’d have to vote for WIP. Congrats!

  2. Thank you Kate -she is still ridiculously cute and alarmingly well-behaved…

    And thank you Jen – whenever you manage to wander over here, be sure you will be welcome!

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