No Flies on UNCA Latin I Students

In case you are feeling bad about the state of education in America, here is a wonderfully cheering example of some everyday studiousness from two young people I’m taking Latin I with at my city’s smallish public liberal arts university.

Our homework over the weekend was to decline three Latin noun/adj. pairs and come up with a 4-word Latin sentence.

Here are some sentences volunteered by two students, who to me did not appear to be overachievers, but people who just kind of got caught up in learning. As you read these sentences, keep in mind this is the 4th week of a first-semester class in an ancient, foreign tongue, and these students were asked for only four words:

Epimetheus sapienta de aliis petit. Errant! Sapientia in se est.

(Epimetheus seeks wisdom from others. He is mistaken! Wisdom is within.)

Viri sine sapientia et philosophia bella stulta amant.

(Men without wisdom and philosophy love foolish wars.)

6 responses to “No Flies on UNCA Latin I Students

  1. Is is possible they googled these phrases somehow? Please say yes, if it is only to make me feel better. I wish I were so deep, even now.

  2. I really don’t think they cheated on these. (LOL my sentence was five words long and would have been shorter if I could have made it so). The first student was too earnest; the second sentence too topical.

  3. But they sound more like quotes than “time to do my vocab homework”

  4. I think that’s just how Latin is. Our vocab words are all stuff like fortune, money, wisdom, kiss, country… We have yet to learn how to say classic French I refugee phrases like “We like the red cat” or “I go to the store.”

  5. You are sooo lucky to learn such cool words. Will you find out what noise a dog, cat, cow, pig,frog, and rooster make…please, and then share at our next lunch meeting? I know we went over it once, but i have already forgotten. It is one of my favorite about languages, animals even have different languages! ha ha.

    Ooohhh how do you say kiss in latin? and wisdom? sooo romantic.

  6. LOL if I ever find out the noises that animals make, in Latin, you will be the first to know!

    Yes, the words are incredibly cool. The sentences are complex and hilarious. Nonw of that first-semester “Mi gato es grande” shit, we go right to “Without money and many gifts, the tyrant will not be able to satisfy the Roman people.”

    I really have a ball in that class; it’s like a little nerd convention.

    A kiss is basium! Wisdom is sapientia.

    Latin rocks.

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