Whole Wheat Love 2008


(Image: Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, AKA the Yarn Harlot)

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I’d like to revisit this 2007 post by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, the Canadian knit-blogger and grade-A knitting author known as the Yarn Harlot.

As her blog commonly gets hundreds of comments for some entries (and she once singlehandedly lead an online effort among knitters resulting in a quarter-million dollar donation to Doctors Without Borders), I figure her readership must be in the tens of thousands. This is because as well as an outstanding knitter, she’s also a wise parent (two teenaged girls) and a highly intelligent wordsmith with a well-developed moral center and a lot to say.

I loved her entry last year about twinkie love vs. whole wheat love. I think I’ll repost it every year at this time.

Having a day where the romantic performance of your mate and whether or not he or she gets you a card, flowers and chocolate (although I do like all of those things) is paramount takes the focus off of real love and real issues between mates….job sharing, equal education, support, loyalty…and who the hell is making dinner tonight and are both of your names on the mortgage anyway?

Shared work, equal education, mutual support, loyalty and individual, independent financial power. I agree wholeheartedly that these are the unfrilly, unpink, fully clothed foundations of real and lasting love, at least of the sort I’d be interested in.

Read the whole thing here on her site.

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