Six-Word Memoir Meme

I was meme-tagged recently by my friend Wil:

It’s pretty straightforward (but not necessarily easy): Write your biography in six words. Include an image of yourself if you’d like.

I can meme that meme in six seconds flat:

Happiness in several thousand difficult lessons.


I’m not a tagger, but this is a fun, easy meme (IMO) — leave a comment if you like!

9 responses to “Six-Word Memoir Meme

  1. I like your memoir. :-)

    Nice pic too (I saw if first on your page).

  2. I like yours too! This is a great meme.

    Everyone should have a pic of themselves that actually looks like them. Honestly, this is the only recent photo of me that actually bears a strong resemblance to the person photographed.

  3. You want six words my life? OK:

    Too smart, but not enough achievement.

  4. Six words:

    Smart’s GOOD. Why is achievement the goal?

  5. Whatever happens, i will photograph it.

  6. [img][/img]

  7. Unafraid of mirrors, untwisted by fate.

  8. Shit, Cecil’s is outstanding.

  9. Always try to make bastards happy.

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