Countdown: Spring Semester 2008

Number of regular class days left in the semester: three

Number of five-page final term papers due before then: one

Number of quizzes this week: four

Number of expensive Sigg steel thermoses lost this week: one

Number of take-home exams to finish this week: one (International Mass Communication)

Number of take-home exams to finish next week: two (American Politics, International Law)

Number of in-class exams to take next week: two (Latin I; Media, Ethics and Society)

Number of credit hours I have left until graduation with a B.A. Mass Comm and Poli Sci minor: 41(three full-time semesters)

Minimum credit hours it takes to receive an undergraduate degree: 120

Number of times I have made North Indian lentil soup in the last week: three

Day of last exam (official end of spring semester 2008): May 8

2 responses to “Countdown: Spring Semester 2008

  1. Number of days until I am in Hendersonville for a conference, and thus available to come and meet you at last: 17.

    I’ll be at Kanuga for the week of May 12 through 16, so let’s find a time to have coffee! Whee!

  2. Man, that’d be great!!!! Let me look at my schedule and I will email you!

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